Warranty Conditions

Biannual inspections should be made as referred to in the maintenance section of the General Technical Information Guide

Warranty Conditions

The warranty associated with our fully finished products are on the condition that:

  • The products have been stored and handled in accordance with our guidelines.
  • The coating has not been subject to physical (ladders etc) or chemical (cleaning agents) damage.
  • The coating has been maintained and repaired in accordance with the maintenance instructions.
  • The coating has not failed due to site glazing or as a result of ancillary items.
  • The coating has not failed due to bad maintenance to the building, alterations or repair to the building, or by the buildings poor design.
  • The coating has not been allowed to accumulate dirt and debris leading to excessive mould growth.
  • The coating has not been duly exposed to excessive pollutants (building brick wash, industrial etc.) or heat (fire, heating appliances etc.) or extreme weather conditions.

All products are manufactured to high quality standards in a controlled environment, and it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure the product is fit for the intended use, has been properly installed, adjusted, used and maintained.

The warranties may be invalidated if:

  • The product has been installed improperly or modified due to improper installation.
  • The product has failed due to the fitting of ancillary items such as window shading devices, blinds, security systems etc.
  • The product has been damaged due to improper storage, installation, use or maintenance.
  • The product has been exposed to performance specification conditions beyond that which has been published in our brochure.
  • The product has been damaged by water ingress other than a defect caused by manufacturing, materials or workmanship.
  • The product has been damaged due to condensation, during and after fitting.
  • The product has been damaged due to improper washing or cleaning.
  • The product has been damaged during transit on other modes of transport other than that of our manufacturers standard method of transport.
  • The product has been damaged by accidents or acts of god.

The specifier should make us aware of any extreme climatic locations where the goods will be installed, i.e. islands, headland, beachfronts and mountain locations as the warranties may not be applicable in these exposed situations as detailed in BSEN 927 (Classification of external wood coatings).

Our high performance windows and doors meet the exacting standards of BS 6375:1 Classification for weathertightness. However, in certain exposed locations, weather conditions can exceed these.

In the event of a component or part failing as a result of a defect caused by manufacturing, materials or workmanship, our liability is restricted to the supply of a replacement product, parts or to provide a factory authorised repair to the existing product. No liability is accepted for any charges for installation, painting or storage or any other consequential costs.