• 30 years
    Against rot and fungal attack on windows*
  • 10 years
    Against faulty manufacture of an unbroken sealed glazing unit on factory fitted double-glazing
  • 10 years
    Against manufacturing defects, excluding defects related to storage, installation and ventilation
  • 10 years
    On ironmongery**
  • 10 years
    On fully finished opaque paint systems***
  • 10 years
    On fully finished translucent stain systems***

* Only for fully factory finished spray painted product.
** The warranty does not cover any tarnishing that may occur.
*** Our fully finished products are warrantied against peeling, cracking (over greater than 5% of the coated areas), damage resulting from fungal growth within the coating, significant yellowing of the coating and premature erosion of the film leading to areas of exposed timber. It does not cover against the exudation of resin, and movement or extractive staining around knots.

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